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Home Care of La Jolla has received hundreds of testimonials. We love to hear feedback from families about all of our services. It helps us tailor our services to your needs, and continue to improve upon providing the best possible home care to your loved ones. We also receive feedback from our Employees. See what they have to say about working with Home Care of La Jolla.

From Our Clients

Home Care of La Jolla was vital to our family from the time we hired them through hospice and to the day dad passed away.

Their support and professionalism extended to the entire family and they cared for us as much as they cared for my father. They are simply exceptional people and an exceptional company.

-Jill J.


"The best we've worked with. Professional, smart, quality people."

-Alex. S


"HOME CARE OF LA JOLLA took on the challenge of caring for my husband, a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon, and successfully brought him to good health. He had to urgently have open heart ( mitral value replacement) and following the procedure, many complications . We found it necessary to convert our home into a convalescent center!

We had selected a home care company that came highly recommended. However, after a few days of many incidents occurring, from the staff causing a lot of stress to me personally, to their care givers being inadequate. (e.g. finding the night nurse asleep, to one not reporting an abnormally high and irregular pulse,) Due to allergies, I had requested for the caregivers to be fragrance free. This did not happen, as they wore regular clothing instead of scrubs and the perfumes etc. lingered on more than one of the CNA"s hair and clothing. .

We were desperate to find a better heath care company. We were able to find HOME CARE OF LA JOLLA where each and every person they sent were flawless. We were amazed and delighted with the professionalism of two LVN,s in particular - Elizabeth and Maria.

ALL caregivers, LVN's and CNA"s wore scrubs and none came with a fragrance which would bother my husband. Also, they were trained to go wash their hands the minute they came into our home. Impressive! The staffers responded to each request with earnest, and never at any point created a stressful situation. I cannot recommend HOME CARE OF LA JOLLA enough. I will use them in the future, it won't be if we have the need, but when I have the need, as I must have a total knee replacement and will use them for that as well.

Perhaps you have to have a really bad experience with home care in order to LOVE your home health care people, but I think not, as this company is exceptional!!"

-Linda F.



"We just finished almost 90 days of excellent care from Home Care of La Jolla. My brother was on hospice and we had around the clock care for the last three months of Rick's life. We had hospice too but they are not around the clock like this company.

The staff was very skilled, on-point and compassionate at all times and they worked beautifully when communicating with us as well as the hospice company that we had selected. They kept my brother comfortable and feeling safe through his painful and emotional battle with cancer. They were not only medical staff coming in to assist Rick; but, they began to feel like family and part of our team while showing professionalism and compassion towards our entire family. The office staff and supervisors were always checking in with us and making sure we were happy with services.

We highly recommend this company for private care needs. Thank you!"

Elaine. R.

"I would like to thank Home Care of La Jolla and its staff for excellent service provided for our dear friend Mr. Goodman. We are very fortunate to have such compassionate nurse around Mr. Goodman during our absence. Again please extend our gratitude to all the nurses who shared their moments with Sidney."

-JoJo G.


"We wish to let you know how much we appreciate the attentive kindness of your employee Jessica M. in our difficult time.

Jessica was continually cheery and patient, cajoling David to eat and rest. As the end neared, she was extremely considerate to all family members, while still maintaining a professional and watchful eye on David. All of tour attendants for exceeded our expectations, but Jessica was exemplary. We deeply valued her kind service. "


Marjorie G.

"My family and I have had several encounters with the company at different times through last year and the present and we ALWAYs have had a WONDERFUL experience with all staff including the office staff and the Clinical Supervisor, Amy.

They are not only very reliable and professional but they are also so warm and friendly. They always check in with us asking how we are and how their staff is doing with our care. When we have specific needs, request and shift changes, they make it happen seamlessly. If there is ever a hiccup or concern (which rarely has happened), the office staff are always pleasant and work hard to collect all information and resolve it quickly. My family and I highly recommend HCOLJ for medical and companion needs and we will continue to utilize their services in the future!

Way to go guys and thank you, our family is so much better off because of you!"

-Tony and May



"After working with two other San Diego home care agencies to provide care to my father I was referred to Home Care of La Jolla by an MD at Scripps Green.

My father is demanding and has become more combative as his dementia has progressed.

The two previous agencies sent out what were essentially high school grads to babysit him. They know nothing about my fathers condition and couldn't even understand the Doctor's notes regarding his care.

Home Care of La Jolla's people are all trained and have hospital work experience. The difference in quality of care and their ability to work with the MD and develop a plan of care for my father cannot be overstated. I am not a Yelp member and would not otherwise take time to write a review.

But hiring someone to care for our parents is quite an ordeal and a company like this deserves to be recommended."

-Jill J.



"We had a very positive experience with all of the staff at Home Care of La Jolla. What most impressed me was whom I will call director of nursing since I do not know her title. She came immediately when we said that we were "shopping" for a care agency to help us with my mother with dementia. Since that very day we met, we continued to receive help, sometimes on a daily basis for almost a year. Mother has since gone into a facility which we feel will handle Mother's needs, but if i do need additional assistance, I will call Home Care of La Jolla. The person who helped us is since gone, but I am sure that the company will hire equally competent personnel.

-Nancy M.



"Home Care took excellent care of my grandfather until his final days. The staff was well versed and able to answer the many questions we had throughout the process. I highly recommend their services!"

-Rachael S. 



"I was at my wits end trying to find someone to help with care for my mom on a moments notice. She just had surgery a few days prior and realized that she would need more help than she thought.

Not only was Home Care of La Jolla incredibly friendly, understanding and thorough, they were extremely efficient in getting someone out to my mom's house within 2.5 hours. This was amazing to have service so quickly. We now have a home visit scheduled from a CNA for the next 4 days.

Their prices are very reasonable and they are responsive. The first CNA, Mary, arrived on time and was patient and helpful. I highly recommend Home Care of La Jolla for home health care and would definitely use them again in the future for care.

This company and its employees really impressed me"

-Allison. N



"Home Care of La Jolla took Care of my father until the end of his life. The caregivers were the most compassionate and caring people I ever encountered. And the office staff took time to listen to me when I called with questions. They also were compassionate as I was not easy to deal with during this difficult time in my life! Thank you for everything Home Care of La Jolla!"

-Pamela S.




"I highly recommend this agency. The staff is wonderful and caring. They have someone there to help 24/7!"

-Jennifer E.



"What an amazing bunch of ladies! I referred a client of mine to homecare of La Jolla and the time and care that Amy took with them is nothing short of exceptional.

When someone is coming home from the hospital and is going to need care it's extremely important that they get matched with the right personality caregiver, the right person for them.

The staff at home care of La Jolla made sure that they took their time to match my client with the right caregiver and they love her. The office staff was able to put my client's mind at ease and even make her laugh, which just goes along way when you're not feeling so healthy. The care she has been getting has been great and everyone, myself, my client, and my clients family are very happy.

Thank you!"

-Erica S.


"I apologize for the delay in my response -- everything went very well! The recovery was expected, namely grogginess, pain, and soreness, but I came well prepared. In addition, my caregiver was very attentive and went so far as to get me some much-needed nourishment at Tender Greens.

I could not have anticipated a more positive experience with recovery and with your agency. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is a forum for me to post positive reviews (anonymously, I hope), or if I may serve as a positive referral to others considering the same service.

Thank you so much for all of your unparalleled support and assistance throughout this process! Please do extend my thanks to all of the staff involved."

Warm regards,

Jennifer W.

We used Home Care of La Jolla to assist my Mother as her dementia progressed. I can’t say enough about the quality of the caregiver. She was knowledgeable, kind, hardworking, and timely. My Mom really liked her and would inquire about her on the days she didn’t work. It truly gave me a peace of mind to know that my Mom was taken care of when I couldn’t be there.

Communication with the office was excellent. I was always informed of any changes in my Mom’s behavior, or anything else that came up. Scheduling was easy and billing/account management was very efficient.

I would certainly recommend HCLJ. You’re going to get a caregiver that REALLY CARES, and management that will work very hard to make everything right. It’s a tough time for everyone when a parent of loved one needs help. HCLJ certainly made a difficult situation much better. Thanks Again.

-Ian D.

Home Care of La Jolla had provided in home care for our family for over three years now. The staff has been supportive in providing quality care to our father, especially as his health began to decline this past year.

Home Care of La Jolla’s management has been very supportive of our wish to try non-drug treatments and our father’s health and mood has improved greatly since we and their staff integrated these alternative therapies.

Home Care of La Jolla strives to be sensitive to any questions and concerns we may have, and match the needs and personality of the patient with the appropriate caregiver.

We would and have recommend Home Care of La Jolla to our friends.

-Anette V.

From Our Employees

Hi Lisa and Stephanie,

     I have been offered a RN position at a skilled nursing facility beginning next week.  Because of this, I will no longer be able to work for Discovery Health and the Sharp float pool.  I would like to thank you for providing me with NA healthcare experience and for working with my limited schedule.  I enjoyed working at the various Sharp facilities and every employee I came in contact with at Discovery was always very helpful and nice.  I will definitely be recommending Discovery to other nursing students as an excellent way to gain experience with a flexible schedule.

Many thanks,
Shannon M.


Hi Lisa!

I want to first say thank you all over at discovery for everything all the shifts /hours & overall being so pleasant & professional. I'm putting in my two weeks, I will moving to the east coast. On the 27th/28th.

On the other note. Try to book me up to promise as much as you can haha. I need all the extra cash I can get. Thanks for everything.

Thank you,
Shanae M.


Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for everything. At this time, I won't be able to come in for a fitness test or take any further shifts due to the fact that I have found an RN position. I appreciate the opportunity and have learned a lot through working with the agency.

Yesica C.


Thank you so much for providing a reference for me for the UCLA Cardiothoracic ICU RN position. I appreciate your time and support throughout this process. I am happy and excited to say that I received the job and I am sure it was at least in part due to your kind recommendation! It has been a pleasure to work for Discovery these past few months and I appreciate the opportunity and experiences I have gained.

Stephanie S.

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