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San Diego Ancillary Home Care

We Care for the Whole Needs of Our Clients

At Home Care of La Jolla, we seek to address all of the needs of our clients through our comprehensive suite of services, which are offered by our licensed sister agency. When we work with a client, we are not content to just meet their bare minimum needs--instead, we look to ensure that their quality of life is being enhanced as a whole. To accomplish this mission, we provide ancillary services that can be scheduled either by a client's advisor or case manager. These services can either be provided in-home or can be self-directed.

Some of the ancillary home care therapy services we offer are provided by:

  • IV Infusions and Nutrient (Vitamin) Injections: Our parent company also owns KOI Wellbeing, San Diego's premier provider of IV Therapies and Nutrient Injections. In conjunction with KOI we are the only San Diego Home Care Agency that provides these advanced therapies to our elderly clientele in the home. As we age we tend to eat less and many of the daily symptoms of aging are attributable to poor nutritional health. IV's and injections are packed with what our body needs to enjoy quality of life and fight illness. The effect they have on our elderly clients cannot be overstated.
  • Naturopathic Doctors: An integrative approach to illness and optimal health at any age is best addressed by pairing naturopathic medicine and specialty lab testing with traditional western medicine. The naturopathic doctors we work with have successfully reduced the amount of medication clients take and improved their overall health with this more holistic approach.
  • Physical Therapists: These professionals can assess a client's physical condition and create a therapy plan to address all of their needs; such plans can help a client with their activities, address problems with pain, and can even help with issues regarding ambulation, transfer, balance, and gait.
  • Occupational Therapists: They can help clients adapt function to improve their daily life.
  • Medical Social Workers: These professionals can assess a client's psychosocial to ensure that they are adjusting well to their communication and functioning well within it for the long run.
  • Speech Therapists: These professionals can assess a client's issues if they are struggling with speech and work to improve their ability to communicate--especially following something such as a stroke.
  • Registered Dieticians: They can evaluate a client's daily needs and create a personal nutrition plan.
  • Rx Management: They can take a comprehensive approach to a client's medication needs, such as gathering related information, looking into drug interactions, and even checking patient compliance.

To learn more about how we can help meet all of your needs, do not hesitate to call us at (858) 459-0785. We are always here to answer you call.

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