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For Prospective Employees

Private Duty Nursing/Care:

Caregivers and nurses that prefer to work with a single patient in a home setting agree to be interviewed by a patient's family or guardian to ensure a good match between patient and caregiver. Private duty/care nurses and caregivers work under the same terms as per-diem employees unless special arrangements are made to suit the needs of the client and agreed to by the nurse/ caregiver.

  • Training is requisite and provided by Home Care of La Jolla to meet the demands and wishes of our typically affluent clientele. Dress, behavior and communication are essential components of delivering a level of service that meets or exceeds the expectation of our clientele.
  • With private/personal care patients there is a great deal time and effort given to deliver the kind of service requested by the client. For this reason we have made several options available to our employees that perform this kind of work, including buyout contracts that allow an employee of Home Care Of La Jolla to reach an agreement for private hire at the end of a certain period of time.

Term Buyout:

In a term buyout employment agreement the nurse/caregiver typically is under contract to work with a client for a set duration. At the end of the contract term the client and nurse/caregiver each have the option to exercise a "buyout". This means that if the nurse/caregiver would like to continue to care for the client, as an employee of the client or family, the client can offer such permanent employment for a fee paid to Home Care Of La Jolla.

  • The term buyout option works especially well for nurses looking for the security and consistency of full time employment with one family and has the added benefit of allowing a nurse/caregiver and the client to determine whether they are a "good fit" without an upfront, long-term commitment.
  • Employees can, of course work with the same client as employees of Home Care Of La Jolla for as long as the client and/or employee like, with alternatives always remaining available.

How we pay:

All nurses and caregivers are automatically eligible for weekly pay. For any shift worked a nurse/caregiver only needs to provide their signed time-slip/s, or web-generated time slips before Tuesday (in person, via fax or e-mail). Home Care Of La Jolla will generate a check that the employee can pick-up at the office or request to have mailed the following Friday. We also offer weekly direct deposit.


All nurses and caregivers are required to meet standards for employment that are equivalent to what is required of JCAHO-certified hospitals, home health and staffing agencies.

  • Requisites include, but are not limited to, on-site skills testing for an employee's related field, HIPPA and OSHA testing, current licenses and CPR, physical and PPD, clean drug screen and background check, and two references from an employer in a related field.

Application Process:

Applications for employment can be completed in our offices, partially completed on-line or mailed to any prospective applicant but all testing and screening must be done onsite to ensure compliance with our clients and the standards we maintain as company policy.

  • The entire application process can take as long as three hours depending on the specialty of the applicant, but once the application is completed, tests are graded, and references checked an employee is ready to work immediately at any of our contracted facilities.

You can download a copy of our application here.

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